ISA of Turkey was established in 2006 to support cyber security issues and to increase security and privacy awareness.
The vision of our Association is to be an impartial, reliable and effective national non-governmental organization in national and international level in the field of information security.
Our association aims of conducting technical, scientific, social and cultural activities in the field of information & cyber security and privacy issues and increasing the professional development of its members at individual, institutional, national and international levels,

In this context; the general aims of our association are given below:
– To improve information and cyber security and privacy issues in personal and enterprise level.
– To prepare, produce and present policies and strategies on information and cyber security and privacy issues.
– To increase public interest and awareness about information and cyber security and privacy issues.
– To cooperate with related institutions, organizations and units to contribute to the establishment of a common mind in ensuring better security and privacy,
– To contribute to the structuring of institutions and organizations in accordance with information security standards by cooperating with relevant institutions nationally and internationally,
– To organize conferences, symposiums, seminars, courses and similar activities,
– To prepare and publish annual reports and documents,
– To cooperate with national and international NGOs and related units,
– To carry out activities such as making audits contributing to information and cyber security, opening schools, establising test environments, and giving consultancy on the issues,
– To support research and development on information and cyber security,
– To carry out national and international projects,
– To support students and researches.

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